Areas of Practice

“No changes in your life affect you every day as much as those in your family and household, and you need the help of a knowledgeable family law attorney to guide you through the legal process to make these changes, and to assist you in making the right decisions for your family.” – Robert Casteel

Family Law / Divorce / Child Custody Child Support / Juvenile Law

The following are my major practice areas within Family Law:

-Uncontested | Contested with Property Division | Contested with Child Custody Issues
-Contested with Family Violence Issues | Husband or wife out of state

Original Child Custody (Paternity) Suits
-Establish Child Support | Establish Visitation | Limit Visitation

Child Custody Modification Suits
-Custody changes | Long-distance visitation provisions | Work-related custom visitation schedules

Grandparent seeking custody of grandchildren
Child Support Issues:
-Increase | Decrease | Enforcement | Abatement

Juvenile Law
-Initial Detention Hearings | Misdemeanor defense | Felony Defense | Plea and Disposition Representation

Other Miscellaneous Services
Adult Name Changes